The Trial of God

The Trial of God has been one of my favorite works of literature since I was required to read it in a college class titledRead More

‘Twas the Night Redux

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the church,
The preacher stepped up to the pulpit, her perch.
The hymns and the candles were chosen with care,
In hopes that God’s Spirit would soon show up there.

Grief and Hope

Whether we grieve the loss of a loved one, or of our pastor, or of the state of the world, we desperately need hope.
Thankfully, our faith is full of it!

Simple Wisdom

There are no prerequisite classes for walking into Wisdom’s house.
You don’t have to know certain things about God, understand anything about church history, or have verses of the Bible memorized.

You Can Make a Miracle

Gracious God, you anticipate our needs and fill them before we ask. Help us recognize your work in our lives, and show your love toRead More

Listening Matters

Lord God, we turn our eyes to you. Take away our stubbornness, show us your mercy, and open our hearts to receive your Wisdom. InRead More

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